I am addicted to the convenience of instant pot. You can make your favorite dishes in a fraction of time, like this instant pot beef stroganoff recipe. It is the ultimate comfort food, a warm hug on a plate in a form of tender beef strips smeared in a flavorful mushroom cream sauce with noodles. And all made in one pot so no dirty dishes to clean. It can’t get any more convenient than that. Especially on a busy, stressful weeknight when you just need a nourishing meal to lift your spirits and enliven the mood. The noodles are a perfect vessel to soak in the robust sauce and are a perfect compliment to the beef stroganoff.

This recipe is hearty and satisfying but pretty healthy at the same time. I am all for tweaking the classic cozy and soothing recipes with a couple of healthy modifications for a lighter dish without any sacrifices in a flavor department.  This way you can enjoy you favorite comfort dishes almost guilt free.

The sauce is made right in the instant pot together with beef out of beef stock with just a touch of Greek yogurt in the end for a perfect creamy note. Leaner sirloin steak is also ideal for this recipe, with less fat it gets tender and juicy in the instant pot.

With just a handful of ingredients and just under an hour you can have a mouthwatering, flavorful beef stroganoff on the plate. The deep, complex flavor of sauce is dynamite thanks to the fragrant vegetables and spices. Woodsy, earthy mushrooms really add a wonderful aroma to the sauce as well. This irresistible and so easy to make dish will please even the most sophisticated palettes. All the ingredients work in a harmony creating a truly irresistible meal.